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Author Spotlight : Samantha Joyce

We are so honored to feature Samantha Joyce for our Author Spotlight! Below you will find an exciting interview, Author Spotlight, links, and much more!


Elise Jameson is the secret author behind the bestselling, cult hit Viking Moon series. But when a stranger poses as Elise, the painfully shy, deaf nineteen-year-old starts to see how much she’s missing. Can she really hide in the shadows forever? This clever, coming-of-age debut is for anyone who has ever felt unsure in their own skin.

After a freak childhood accident leaves her deaf and physically scarred, nineteen-year-old Elise Jameson retreats into a world of vibrant characters she creates on her laptop. She is shocked when her coping mechanism turns into a career as a phenomenal bestselling novelist. Fans are obsessed with Elise’s Viking Moon series and its author—a striking girl with zero resemblance to Elise who appears on the back covers. Elise sent the randomly Googled photo to her editor following a minor panic attack. Now, horrified to learn she is expected on set of the television pilot based on her novels, Elise tracks down her anonymous stand-in. To Elise’s surprise, Veronica Wilde has been taking credit for Viking Moon for years. She eagerly agrees to keep up the charade if Elise will pose as her assistant.

It’s hard for Elise to watch a stranger take credit for her work and get all the perks she desires, including admiration from the show’s heartthrob star. Edged onto the sidelines of her own life, Elise reconsiders her choice to stay anonymous. Is she ready to come to terms with her true identity—and with the long-buried secrets that could cost her her career, her fans, and the few precious friendships she’s made?


"A charming story of learning to embrace and love those things about ourselves that set us apart from others. I don’t think I stopped smiling once throughout Elise's journey except during the moments that squeezed painfully at my chest." 

- Molly McAdams, New York Times bestselling author of To the Stars


"With a sprinkle of book fandom and dash of yummy romance, Flirting with Fame is the perfect story for every book lover." 

- USA Today bestselling author, Tiffany King


"A sweet and poignant story about finding yourself and falling in love along the way, Flirting with Fame will steal your heart." 

-Chanel Cleeton, author of Flirting with Scandal


* ARC provided by Pocket Star/Simon & Schuster, NetGalley, and Samantha Joyce for an honest review *

This is the first time I have read anything by this amazing author but it won't be the last. 

Simply delightfully, this coming of age story will captivate you and take you on an emotional ride. 

Humor, love and life lessons are peppered all through out the story and if you are not paying attention, you will miss some of the best nuances of this tale. 

Elise is perfection at narrating her tale. Her voice fresh and witty, I fell in love with this compelling novel from the moment I began reading. 

Be prepared to laugh, cry and rejoice while experiencing the story of Elise, Clint and the rest of the unforgettable characters and see what happens when a girl starts Flirting with Fame. 

We give this 5 B&B stars


Samantha has wanted to be an author since she picked up her first book and realized authors get to create new worlds with just a pen and paper (or laptop, if you will). She loves to write about romance because, as someone who married her high school sweetheart, she absolutely believes in true love. She also loves making people laugh and feels love and laughter go hand in hand. If she can make someone both swoon and giggle with her words, she considers that a success. When not writing or at her day job, Samantha can be found either singing and dancing on stage in local musicals, or at home watching geeky television shows with her husband and their pet rabbit.

Her debut, FLIRTING WITH FAME will be published by Pocket Star/Simon & Schuster in 2016.






Firstly, we wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us! It is an honor and privilege and we are so excited to introduce you to our followers!

1.      Hello Samantha! Thank you for agreeing to let us interview you! We would like to start off by asking how you got into writing and what are some of your “writing rituals”

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember, but it was mostly poetry and short stories. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I sat down and decided to write a whole book (that book was not FLIRTING WITH FAME. That book is in a trunk and will never see the light of day, but it was a learning experience, haha).

As for writing rituals, I usually have to have a cup of tea with me. It’s almost always herbal or some kind of flavored tea. In fact, I drank a tea that smelled like cinnamon hearts as I wrote FLIRTING WITH FAME—which is where Gavin’s signature scent came from. I don’t specifically have a spot I write, since I generally write whenever or wherever I find the time. I’ve even typed chapters into the notes on my phone during my commute on the bus.

2.      If you could choose just one quote from Flirting with Fame to give our readers an essence of the story which one would it be?

Probably:We only get one chance at this life. Make sure the one you’re living is your own.”

I think we spend so much of our time trying to fit into molds of what we think we should be or how we should act, that we can sometimes lose ourselves completely. That’s what this book is about—realizing there is no perfect mold and the best thing you can be is yourself.

3.      Did you have a playlist while writing Flirting with Fame?

I didn’t discover the glory of playlists until I started on book two, but I did listen to a lot of Taylor Swift as I wrote. Her songs embodied the fun and youthfulness I was looking for in the story, and she also sings a lot about being okay with who you are, and not listening to those who put you down. (“Haters gonna hate hate hate”, right?)

4.      If you could give two pieces of advice to the next generation what would it be?

The first would be to stop measuring yourself against other people and to embrace your differences. Being different is what makes you special. If we all were the same, this would be a boring place to live. Something you might consider a flaw might be beautiful to someone else. Own it. Love it.

The second would be to dream big and to fight for those dreams. Don’t give up if it seems too hard. Sometimes, the most rewarding achievements are the toughest to reach. Work on your craft (whatever it may be), and always challenge yourself. You might be surprised how far you can go.

5.      How do you see the writing community evolving in 5 years?

Social media has definitely expanded the community. We are already seeing Twitter as a great source of contests for up-and-coming writers, as well as an excellent way to connect with agents and other writers. I hope it keeps that momentum. The writing community is one of the most wonderful, supportive communities I’ve been involved with. I wouldn’t be here today without the support of the amazing writers who helped me in contests and gave up their time to show me the way.

6.      How long does it typically take to write a novel start to finish?

It’s funny, because I don’t get ideas every five seconds. It takes a month or two (sometimes more) for an idea to fully form. But once it’s there, I can usually draft a novel in about two months (FLIRTING WITH FAME was drafted in seven weeks). Editing takes me longer. I have some beta readers and critique partners who read it after I’m done drafting and tell me what’s broken. Some of them read it multiple times. Depending on what needs fixing, it can take a couple more months to edit. So I’d say three to six months from start to finish.

7.      What are the next projects you are working on now?

I just finished drafting the second book for Pocket Star (which is a sort of companion to FLIRTING WITH FAME featuring a different character a few years later). I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to share about it yet, but I can tell you that it was so much fun to write.

And I’m currently revising a YA that features a bit of magic. J

8.      What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I have a full-time day job, but my other hobby is performing in community theatre. There is nothing like singing and dancing on stage in front of a sold out audience. It’s the best drug there is.

If I’m not in a show, I basically take a lot of down time and hang out with my husband and our pet rabbit watching Netflix (I’ve just discovered Gilmore Girls and am HOOKED).

9.      What do you think are the essential components in writing an unforgettable story such as yours?

I think it’s loving your characters and believing their story needs to be told. It’s also making sure they are real and fully-developed. They need to have dreams and goals, and they should practically jump off the page and grab the readers’ attention.

10.   What is the message you are hoping the readers will come away with?

That it’s okay to be different. You can have scars, or be fat or thin, or have a disability and none of those things should stop you from loving yourself or from reaching your full potential. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from wanting the best for yourself. 

11.   Who are your 5 favorite authors?

Oooh….that’s a tough question. I’m kind of eclectic in my reading, so it’s going to be a weird-looking list. I’d have to go with:

1.      J.K. Rowling
2.      Rainbow Rowell
3.      Fyodor Dostoyevsky
4.      Stephen King
5.      Cora Carmack
I told you it was a weird list…

12.   Which book influenced you the most?

Without a doubt, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I just couldn’t get over the worlds J.K. Rowling was able to build and the depth of her imagination. Her books made me want to be a writer.

Thank you again so much for answering our questions and we look forward to reading more of your amazing work in the days and months to come!

Thank you so much!