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Review : Behind My Mask by Holland Kohl

This ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

This is a story of love lost and hope found in the world of motorcycle clubs. Envy starts out as a club daughter who watches her dad die at the hands of club members. With nobody to trust, Envy takes to the streets. Years and a life style away from the MC, she is reunited with her past. Not trusting anyone, Envy hides her real self from the world she currently resides in. When her past comes knocking, Envy experiences so many emotions that she has no clue what to do next. This story has been well thought out and put together. It is a real cliffhanger and has me wanting the next book in the series badly. I enjoyed my reading experience and found the book to be hard to put down. I'm rating this work at 5 stars. I'd recommend it to everybody as there are few sex scenes and they are well described, not derogatory.

Reviewed by John H