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Review : Closed Heart by Willa Thorne

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

This is the first novel I have read from this amazingly talented writer and I will confess right now that as soon as I finished Closed Heart I one clicked The Manhattan Tales to find out more about the secondary characters .. you know why? Because this read, the characters, plot pulled me in and did not let go ! 

If you want to read a story that will enthrall you, captivate you, make you blush, laugh, and cry this is IT! 

Secrets can taint your soul, make everyday a nightmare ultimately making you stop living because you are constantly looking over your shoulder waiting for then other shoe to drop. That is the reality that Elyse is living. All her life she has been dealt a bad hand. Her childhood heartbreaking, her youth troubled and her now .. a waiting game. 

Finding solace in the Youth Center, her life now revolves around school, work, friends and the center. Her dreams .. around one man who is forbidden. 

Jackson .. rich, dominant, sexy and haunted. He has demons that have a hold on him so strong that it will take a miracle to break the shackles and walls he has built around his heart and soul. Work keeps him going, his pastime .. keeps the inner turmoil at bay. 

Elyse and Jackson have ties that bound them together eternally however only one person knows the real reason why. Secrets, lies, love and passion all come to head in this emotionally charged read. 

When the one person who has a hold on you has the power to destroy you completely do you stay away or succumb to the overwhelming pull towards them. Does love conquer all ? Does it have the power to heal ? 

Read and find out, go on this roller coaster right along  side the characters that are so well written they seem to pull you right into the story. You will not regret it and probably like me become a life long fan of this fantastic author.