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Review : I Pick You by Jettie Woodruff

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

I Pick You is a standalone by Jettie Woodruff.  It is a simple read with some angst to it.  The main characters are Brantley (H), Kit (h), and Rydell (h#2) plus a little cutie, named Bay.  

Let's start with the first h, Kit.  

I had a really hard time understanding Kit.  Her lack of communication with Brantley was a real turnoff.  She wanted all of these things, but would never come straight out and say it.  Her love for her daughter was pure but I just couldn't get past the reason why she needed to leave her daughter with someone who barely knew her.

The H, Brantley was just a confused 20 something.  Brantley took over the parenting of his daughter and moved to do this....I though this was an unselfish act on his part.  I could see the issue he had with Kit was just a lack of communication.  Neither one of them were on the same page when it came to their "relationship."

The second h, Rydell was a fun loving, young adult.  She had little responsibilities and still wanted to go out and have fun all the time.  Rydell couldn't have that relationship with Brantely because of Bay.  But Rydell made the changes to have a relationship with Brantley, but you could tell it wasn't all sunshine and roses.  The relationship between Rydell and Brantley was fun, plenty of sexy times and genuinely good for both of them.

Now Bay has got to be the cutest 2 yr old little girl.  She kept calling her kitty cat her "titty" and I would just laugh at her speech.  It had to be the sweetest thing.  Bay was just one of those little girls that you couldn't dare not to love.  

As more of the storyline came out from Brantley's POV, I noticed Brantley growing up and realizing what life really is and what he wanted..  He needed to find himself and makes some important decisions regarding himself and his relationships with the two h's.  When the love triangle came out to everyone involved, I knew more than one heart was going to be broken.  All three did a large amount of growing up in this book and it was fun to read and see the changes from the beginning.  

I gave this book 4 stars.  It was original, with a little angst and I loved watching the characters grow and become unselfish adults.  

REVIEWED BY : Jennifer A