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Review : Incapable by Marie Skye

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

I must say this was a hot sexy read. A sexy, rich, dominant male .. a strong willed, smart beautiful woman. Both dancing around each other in a battle of the wills. There is only one winner they say right? In this instance however .. there might be two. 

Emmalin is a young woman trying to make it on her own. She is smart and determined. Doesn't like being told what to do, where to go or how to live her life. She has met her match in the devilishly handsome Millionaire Alpha who tests every single one of her boundaries and shows her a world unlike anything she has ever experienced before. They are both damaged and each fighting individual demons. How they deal with life and each other is the beauty of this story.

The story at times was hard for me to follow as I had trouble keeping up with who was speaking, it seemed to jump around a bit. With that being said the core of the story line was a great and I enjoyed reading every single page. The sex scenes were extremely HOT and steamy and the characters well written. 

It ends on a major cliffhanger and the author did a FANTASTIC job at keeping us in suspense and leaving us with an OMG moment. I am anxiously awaiting to read book two and can't wait to see where Marie Skye will take us with Emmalin and Grayson.