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Review : Legend by Katy Evans

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Inspiring, Sexy and OHH SO GOOD ! 

The way I would describe what I thought after finishing this fantastic novel. 

Katy Evans is a pure genius and her words unforgettable. 

Legend is Book 6 in the Real Series and has become one of my favorites. A story that has all the elements to make your heart pound, panties melt and keep your eyes glued to your E Reader. 

This is a novel about two people who are each battling their own demons, past and insecurities. They have a lot of prove to the world. One outside the ring, the other inside. The way they over come the obstacles before them will define them as individuals and as a unit. 

Maverick is a hot, sexy and dangerous fighter, he is deadly inside the ring and the complete opposite outside. Life has not been fair to this man looking to make a place for himself, it has been cruel and unforgiving. Everything changes for him in a town far away from home with one split decision .. 

Follow the girl inside the one place where he will find redemption. 

Reese is a beautiful, smart and brave young woman. She is feisty when need be, sweet when needed and completely lovable. She has been battling with her inner turmoil for some time. Wanting to make a better version of herself is top priority and when she packs up and moves to spend some time with her cousin, she is determined to make her dreams into reality. 

Read the story of two souls who come together to bring faith, love and redemption into each other lives. It is filled with ups and downs, laughter, pain, passion and love, but most importantly family. 

You will come to see that blood is not what makes a family but a bond stronger than crazy glue is what holds it together. 

Past favorites all make an appearance in this fantastic read and you will not want the story to end while reading this 5 star read.