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Review : Love ReKindled by Michelle Lynn

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Second chances are blessings. Sometimes, if lucky it works out just the way you planned and hoped for, or maybe it is only a way for two people to say their final goodbyes on their terms. 

Brad and Taylor have that second chance, what happens though on the way is one unforgettable story.

Michelle Lynn does a phenomenal job in taking us on an emotionally charged journey with this couple. Secrets are revealed, the past faced head on, mistakes made and repaired, and maybe just maybe a second chance? 

This couple has a long road ahead of them, one of self discovery, forgiveness and dare we hope .. love. That age ole saying " Is love really enough " will be tested and you will love every second of reading how Brad and Taylor find their HEAs despite everything thrown their way. 

FIVE amazing STARS !