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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway : Before Hadley by J. Nathan

Title: Before Hadley
Author: J. Nathan
Genre: New Adult Romance
 Release Date: March 14, 2016


What's worse than a cocky new guy at school? A cocky new guy with a killer body and the attention of the entire female student body. Hadley can tell the minute she lays eyes on Caynan that he's someone to avoid. He may have looks and charm, but he's also got heartbreak written all over his pretty face. 

Unfortunately for Hadley, Caynan has his sights set on her. She's the one girl who doesn't want him. The one girl who's turned off by his charm. The one girl who challenges him like no other. And, though she couldn't possibly know the truth about him, she seems to be the one girl who really sees him.

But with Caynan, things aren't at all what they seem. His secrets have secrets and everything out of his mouth straddles the line between truth and fiction. He knows better than to get involved with anyone, especially with his time limited in the new town, but he just can't seem to get Hadley out of his mind. Too bad for him, secrets never remain secrets for long.

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Caynan and I stepped outside into the unseasonably cool night, walking through the parking lot in silence. I pressed my key to disarm the alarm. My car beeped, its lights flashing and briefly lighting up the dark lot. I stepped up to my door and turned to face him. “Thanks again.”

“Stop thanking me.” His tone was cold and clipped as he handed me my backpack.

“Sorry. I just meant—”

He stepped into me, forcing my back against the door. He grabbed my cheeks between his hands and stared down at me. “I want to kiss you so fucking bad right now.”

My heart slammed against my chest as my voice came out a mere whisper. “Then do it.”

His eyes didn’t waver from mine. “This isn’t a date. I said I wouldn’t kiss you if it wasn’t a date.”

I dropped my backpack to my feet, the thud carrying through the silent lot. “I don’t care.”

He closed his eyes and dropped his forehead to mine. “Part of me wants to prolong this. Make you crazy for me.” His eyes opened and he looked me dead in the eyes. “But the other part wants to taste what I’ve been thinking about doing since the moment I met you.”

I couldn’t stop my hands from drifting up the front of his shirt, over the solid muscles in his abs and chest. I’d never felt anything so freaking amazing in my life.

He didn’t seem to mind my exploration because he groaned deep in his throat. His breath, a mixture of soda and mint, floated between us. “Go out with me,” he said.

“I’m out with you right now.”

“A date. Then you better believe I’ll kiss you at the end of the night.”

“Maybe I don’t want to wait until the end of the night,” I challenged. What the hell was I saying? It was as if I was in a trance. A Caynan-induced trance. And my words were not my own. My body was not my own. My thoughts were not my own.

His lips twitched. “Is that a yes?”

I paused, trying to maintain every last shred of dignity I possessed. But I knew with every fiber of my being that Caynan Abbott would ruin me for all others. And when he finally kissed me, not only would it be explosive, but it would be something no one else would ever live up to.

I was so screwed.

Author Bio

J. Nathan is the author of the new adult novels Until Alex, Since Drew, and Before Hadley. When she's not hard at work on her next novel, she's a total romance junkie! Add an alpha male who's unlikable in the beginning...even better. Happy endings are a must. Love triangles and negative people are the bane of her existence. Her family, friends, and watermelon margaritas are the light.

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** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review **

Before and After .. once you have lived through the before ... The after well it can either be painful or beautiful. When your life consists of two instances that define you as an individual, every choice you make sets forth a chain of events that has the power to heal or destroy.

J. Nathan wove such a tale that at the end of this read I was left teary eyed and reeling. I simply did not want this story to end.

Caynan will forever be one of my favorite Book Boyfriends, not because of his looks (which btw OMG) but because of WHO he was. Sometimes authors make it impossible for the regular men out there to ever compete with our fictional heroes.

Hadley and Caynan meet in a way that was actually perfect for them .. they crashed into each other at a party. Typical boy meets girl, girl is too good for him, push and pull, HEA etc right? WRONG !

What these two go through is raw, powerful, inspiring and beautiful. The cards are stacked against them from day one. Secrets and lies, cast a dark shadow and when things come into light .. pain and destruction. Why is it that we always ask the same question .. "Is love enough to sustain this couple" ? Seems to be the age ole question we always want answers to .. and sometimes it is ... sometimes it's not. Love isn't always beautiful, wrapped in a pretty bow with sunshine and unicorns .. it's REAL and it hurts and it changes people. The question is I think how does love affect you as a person? Does it make you better, stronger and more in tune with your surroundings?

This is what happens with this couple .. as they go through the process of being teenagers to young adults. Facing issues that people their age don't typically ever encounter. When the ugliness of your past rears its ugly head, the pain of your struggles brought to light, and secrets you wished would remain buried revealed .. how does it affect the people you love. Who was this person you thought you loved .. an illusion ? Can redemption be found. Will LOVE be enough and how did it change two innocent people who wanted so bad to believe in it?

The strength of Hadley and Caynan will be tested but in the end everything they overcome will be worth it .. will it be together or apart is what you have to read to find out.

Sexy and emotionally charged , J. Nathan will have you crying, laughing, blushing and holding your breathe .. waiting to see HOW Caynan's life Before Hadley changed after Hadley.