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Review : After the Hurt by Shana Gray


Writing: great, descriptive
Violence: mild (Some strong language)
Sex: some-explicit
Narrative: alternating  
Title: After the Hurt (Standalone)
Author: Shana Gray

First off, this happens to be my first novel that I have read by Shana Gray and I feel guilty for not doing so. Shana has a way with her words, how she can take two characters and shape them together with a unique style that I find refreshing and riveting. 

This was a 5 star read for me. Personally, I found it easy to follow and to read. I could not put it down, finishing before I knew it. Right from the very beginning I felt connected to her characters.

She pulled me in and tugged at my heart with the relationship of retired MMA fighter Tank and his high school sweetheart Pepper. 

Shana was able to tell you a tale of second chances: a second chance for a woman who is guilty over the death of her mother, a second chance for a lost love. Through the difficulties Pepper and Tank endured alone they still have emotional and physical challenges they face to find love again with each other. This couple shows just how special finding that one true love is, how it's something to fight for a 1,000 times over, never giving up on the one person who you will battle for and want in your corner. Through After the Hurt, you will find a need for forgiveness, the need to hold on together. It’s not just one person. Pepper and Tank find out they are in this together and are not ready to leave what they have in the past.

I relished in knowing there is a second chance for some love stories in our lives. This was one of them for me. I hope you will enjoy Pepper and Tank as I have. Trust me you will forever hold their story in your heart. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W. for B&B Book Blog