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Review : After Party Affair by Isabel Raven

** ARC provided by the Publisher and Author for an honest review ** 

Let me start by saying that this is a short Novella. That being said don't skip it. Its very edgy and sexy. The sex scenes are HOT. Might make you want to add to the fantasy bank. Isabel Raven did an excellent job.

This story follows Becky Smithtonon, a young girl looking to hurt who she thought was her best friend as payback. She has been humiliated and wants to return the favor.

Grant Halston is the father of Becky's best friend Lorna. He is sexy and very intense. Married to his high school sweetheart. But life has become nothing but a routine a charade.

Trying to seduce Grant is part of Becky's plan not only to satisfy her thirst for revenge but because she has been fantasizing about him. She wants to feel his body and him inside her. Grant keeps pushing Becky away but a man can only stand so much he knows its wrong because she is young and his daughters best best friend not to mention he's married and loves his wife. But damn he wants her now.