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Review : All that Jazz by Natasha Boyd


This was a five star read for me. I loved how this book sucked you in right from the start with the story of Jazz and Joey. The writing was so easy to read that made it feel like such a light read but with some emotional and deep content. A book that covers a second chance romance with friends becoming lovers and he also happens to be your best friend’s brother there was little chance I wasn’t going to like this kind of story but I honestly didn’t think I would like it this much.

Jazz Frazer is a latch key kid that is extremely close with her best friend and also her friend’s older brother. Keri Ann and Joey Butler are like family to Jazz so she is shocked when she starts to realize how she really feels about Joey but even more so when he becomes her kissing buddy after she agrees to do him a favor. Jazz is a really likable character, she is charming, witty, easy going and not overly neurotic and analytical about everything.

Carrying the weight of the world and trying to do his best to get the education that will allow him to provide for his sister Joey Butler has little time for distractions. Returning home for the summer means he is around his sister and Jazz quite a lot and asks Jazz to do him a favor and play his girlfriend on a few occasions. Joey is the nice guy who is trying to do his best for his family.

Although he never says it at the time you can see the feelings he has for Jazz but that doesn’t stop him from acting foolishly and breaking her heart. Three years later when confronted with Jazz again Joey tries to apologize and make amends.

“I’m sorry, okay. I don’t know how many times I need to say it. Or for how long. I’m sorry.”

Jazz still has to come to terms with what things that happened all that time ago but is forced to deal with it when she is repeatedly brought together with Joey when trying to help her best friend. The two of them need to talk about what happened three years ago and how they acted.

“God, I wish I could go back and stop anything happening between us. But I can’t. I can only apologize.”

“Well, that’s the difference then.” I respond, unable to be anything but honest. “I don’t. I don’t wish it away. I’d never change it. I just wish we’d had a different ending.” Or any ending at all, actually."

“Then I guess that’s what I’m sorry for.”

Joey and Jazz certainly went on a journey together that was lovely to read and see develop, the banter and sarcasm between them is awesome. It would have been justifiable to dislike Joey for his actions but he is written with so much feeling and remorse that you truly feel for him and when he admits that he wants Jazz you all but squeal with excitement that he might get the girl.

Unfortunately Jazz has a few decisions to make and Joey’s timing isn’t the best. Told from Jazz’s perspective you really feel like she is a friend recounting her tale of finding love and that draws you in even more. Describing it as a lovely story doesn’t seem like enough of a word but it really is a lovely story that I would recommend to all so that you too can go on and fall in love with Jazz and Joey’s journey.