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Review : Anything More than Now by Rebecca Paula


Have to admit this book had me a little worried. I mean it was an amazing read but was very slow and confusing in the beginning since it really didn't explain much. But let me say once you get passed that it's amazing, the story builds right away and leaves you in awe. It had me on edge and I couldn't put it down needing to know the whole story. Rebecca Paula did an excellent job making this book a must read. She surprised me at every turn.

Reagan Landry
Is a college senior working hard to make her dreams of moving to New York come true. She works at a book store, library and tutoring so she can find her sister who has been missing for 6 yrs. Everyone sees her as an angry anti social b*tch. She won't let anyone in after recently experiencing her first heart break. But now has agreed to tutor her ex boyfriend's best friend. He brings out strange feelings in her since she used to have a crush on him back in the day. Now however, he's just irritating but Reagan can't stop thinking about him. She really wants to know him .. the real him.

Noah Burke
Is working hard to keep his promises. He fell for the girl behind the counter too bad his best friend made the first move. Now that they have broken up he wants her but won't hurt his friend by making a move. Living a double life and trying to find a way to deal with his past and plan a future is where he is at now.

After a drunk night together Reagan can't deal with the feelings that Noah brings out in her. Noah invites her to spend time with him in his home town before she heads to New York and Reagan agrees however now Noah's past and her duty to the only family she has left is tearing them apart.

The beginning is slow and a little confusing since not much details are revealed. But once you get past that its a very beautiful story. It made me cry and fall in love. I would definitely recommend it.