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Review : Because by Jennifer Foor

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Thought provoking, raw and powerful. A story of two people trying to find themselves within the sanctity of marriage without losing themselves and each other. 

Jennifer Foor wrote an emotional story with such a clear voice for the characters that you felt for each one of them, their pain, anger, love and confusion. It is filled with real issues that can and probably has faced many couples making it real to me and I am sure to many. Each turn of the page will draw you deeper and deeper into this couple life and make you wonder .. what would you do when faced with the issues at hand. 

Because ... , Because ... , Because ... A person can always use that one word to start a sentence that in their minds gives them an excuse to blame everything and everyone around them than take responsibility for their part in perpetuating an event. The real challenge is owning up to your part isn't it? 

Marriage we are told isn't easy, it's not always what the fairy tales tell us. It's hard work and takes faith, trust, love and commitment to make it long lasting. The willingness to let go of pain, ego and work together as a unit. This story shows exactly what is at stake when things go wrong and when the light bulb finally goes off in ones head. 

The journey this couple embarks on together at an early stage in their life demonstrates the ups and downs, the good and bad times and the fallout. Trying to find themselves as they grow into themselves as individuals and as a couple. Choices need to be made and when is enough ... enough? 

Will love be enough to sustain them especially when it is one sides at times? When the real work begins can a marriage be salvaged or has too much time and collateral damage taken a toll? Was it doomed from the start or is the best yet to come? 

Go along this ride with unforgettable characters and a emotional story.