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Review : Boss by Sierra Cartwright


Boss by Sierra Cartwright was one hot sexy read ! These two sure know how to over heat your kindle. 
Kelsey Lane what can I say about this timid yet determined girl? I found her to be timid at the beginning of the book however she sure knows how to speak her mind. She isn’t willing to give up what she wants not for anything. Monday morning Kelsey is confronted with changes she never expected, the company she works for is no longer and her new Boss is one Mr. Hottie Mc Tottie. 

Nathan Donovan is much respected in the community. To the outside world he seems very stand offish until you get to know him, and realize that work is his life, just the way he likes it. I didn’t find much warmth from him at first, almost as if he didn’t know how to be warm and inviting. In a business sense he makes the client or employees at ease personally is another story. 

Let’s say Kelsey ally cat is at the ready when she first meets this take charge business man. She doesn’t give an inch. I loved this about her. Nathan must have seen a streak of submissive in her because he proposes her to become his sub “train” her. There is a club Kelsey wants to go to and Mr. Donovan wants to escort her there.

Now here is where I was like WHAT ?? They meet Monday morning… and by Monday evening some pretty kinky freaking HOT stuff is going on between these two .. I won’t even go on to tell you about the rest of the week you NEED to read that yourself this book is not for the faint of heart.

If you’re in to kink … spanking … floggers … hot and dirty sexy time .. and so much more this book is for you no joke. It’s a scorcher. I read a passage to my hubby and he BLUSHED!! He is NOT a blusher. I totally teased him about it. I am evil! I had a good giggle about that.

I found Kelsey and Nathan were both seeking something and what they didn’t know is that they were seeking the very same thing.

Together these two are explosive. I would have loved an epilogue, to be honest I think that would have been epic but we can’t always get what we want am I right?

I want Nathan to bend me over and…. Oh I can’t tell you that… you will have to find that out for your selves.

Also where can I sign up for a Bond watch… Seriously that was freaking cool. I want a hot guy popping up in hologram form and talking to me about my eating and sleeping habits, pick me I say.

Here are some quotes I really enjoyed :

“On the contrary. There’s nothing boring about you Ms. Lane” - Nathan

“You scare me a little.” – Kelsey

“There’s no escape from me, Ms. Lane. I will pursue you relentlessly. I will have my answers. I’ll force you to think about things you never have before.” – Nathan

“The dirtier, the nastier, the better. Give them to me, my pretty.” – Andi, Kelsey’s Bestie

“Yes, Sir. Yes, Nathan, Yes, Mr. Donovan.” – Kelsey

So over all I enjoyed this book, I loved the character even if I didn’t connect to them as maybe I have others. I didn’t get the timeline part but don’t get me wrong it was freaking HOT HOT, just when so much happened in a day or even a day and half I was like dude really that is trust. But it works for this story. 

Rating 4 Kinkity Kink Stars