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Review : Cuff Me by Lauren Layne


Cuff Me by Lauren Layne is a great 5 star book.  Lauren Layne is one of those authors that if she puts out a new book, I'm usually right there to one-click it.  She has just enough background with her couples and just enough of the sexy times to make it all enjoyable to read.  So enjoyable that I read this book all in one evening.  

Vincent (Vin) is a closed up detective from a long family of cops.  He doesn't share his feelings, and he doesn't talk much.  More like grunts his answers.  He is so closed off that he doesn't see the great thing he has in front of him, even when his family does.  But that focus makes him great at his job.  He has a 100% closure rate on his resume which for being a detective is pretty awesome.  

Jill (Henley) is a bubbly, friendly detective who is partnered for the past 6 years with Vincent.  She has feelings for him, but doesn't share them with him since she is afraid he doesn't feel the same.  Jill is close to Vin's family as well and is invited to all the family dinners and is treated as one of them.  So Jill believes Vin only sees her as a little sister type.  

When Jill and Vin begin to realize that there is more than their partnership they go through a plethora of emotions and for Vic he kept denying himself what he knew he truly wanted.  Causing Jill whiplash with his mood swings.  It takes the whole family of Vic to knock some sense into Jill and Vic to come around and realize they are right for one another.  Nothing like a bunch of cops talking about feelings.  When the two of them worked together, they knew what the other was thinking and what the next move was.  Too bad neither of them could take that and realize they both wanted a relationship.  

It was such a fun read.  With a little mystery, little sexy times and a whole lot of back and forth between the 2.  Plus Nonna was such a hilarious person.  I loved when she spoke up.  

REVIEWED BY : Jennifer A.