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Review : Dirty by Kylie Scott


First of all let me say wow, this was an amazing read, I mean what more can you ask for .. its got drama, drama and drama, funny, sexy, romantic and it will make you swoon. Vaughan will be your next perfect book boyfriend. This story reminds you that no matter how hard things are you can't run away because the problems will always run with you. At the end of the day all you need are friends that have your back and who will make you feel like family, because family does not always have to be blood.

Lydia Green is about to have the wedding that every woman dreams about, the talk of the town. She has a great guy that she will be calling her husband soon and the stability she's always dreamed of. Sure the relationship has moved fast they been together 4 months but he's perfect, even respects her so much that he refuses to have sex before they are married. As shes getting ready to walk down the isle she receives something that brings her world crashing down around her.

Vaughan Hewson a sexy single musician coming home to Coeur d'Alene, a place he ran away from and one that brings him painful memories. He's here trying to settle some business and then leave soon as possible. But a strange woman in a ruined wedding dress hiding in his bathroom makes him question his life and what he wants.

A ruined wedding and family drama bring these two together. Vaughan offers Lydia his house for a week to help her so she can get everything ready to move to her next stop. They drive each other crazy but the attraction between them is strong enough to forget the rest of the world. Even after all the pain this town has brought she can't seem to be able to leave. Coeur d'Alene finally feels like home and the friends she has made feel like family. But the one person she wants refuses to stay he is ready to move on and leave this town behind.

I loved this book each character brings so much personality. The chemistry between Lydia and Vaughan is amazing. They made me laugh and fall in love with them. Totally one of my top favorite.