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Review : Dirty Dix by Monica James


For some reason when I first started this book I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get into it but I was so pleased that I kept going as this turned out to be a great 4 star read.

I think my problem was that we meet Dixon and he is very quick to label himself as not a very nice decent person but rather as one who takes any opportunity to have sex even if it is with vulnerable and needy patients. I mean that alone has you thinking what a sleaze he must be but you quickly learn that he is another broken hearted soul looking for the best way to survive and still fill his need to have sex without letting anyone in.

Dixon is definitely aware of how he looks and how his body appeals to the female eye. He’s sexy and smug but still most definitely a likable male lead. Dixon is a promising psychiatrist that deals with clients who struggle with addiction and yes he has used that to his benefit at times. We learn that he has been betrayed badly in the past and it left him with his own scars to deal with which left him spiraling a bit out of control but he decides that he needs to and will change.

Of course life can’t be that smooth and Dixon finds himself drawn to two very different women. The pull towards Juliet is dominated by the raw sex appeal that she gives out and it might somewhat be influenced by her own addiction to sex. There are sparks that fly between Dixon and Juliet but those flames don’t burn that brightly when they aren’t having sex. Madison however is sweet, innocent and pure. Dixon connects to Madison is a way that he can’t quite explain and that honestly frightens him a bit. He knows deep down that he wants more from her than to just jump into bed, he actually wants to know things about her.

“Her innocence sung to me, and I haven’t felt that way for a long while. As brief as our encounter was, there was something there. Too bad I was gutless to find out what that something was.”

Dixon decides he has to make a choice between the two and find out what happens with the chosen female. Of course the fact that he even feels that he can’t string two women along at once goes to show he is actually a decent guy that has been floundering trying to escape his own hurt.

Madison is a lovely sweet character that breaks your heart with what she has been through and I even felt myself having the want to protect her. Juliet is the seductress that is all about her sex appeal and manipulation to get what she wants. (Not hard to see who I preferred) Anyway Dixon makes his choice and oh my, does he ever have some problems to overcome.

The story was written well with great supporting characters in the friends of both Dixon and Madison providing some good banter and humor. It is written primarily in Dixon’s point of view but we do get some insight into Madison also when told from her point of view a little bit into the book. I have to admit I was waiting for the big reveal as knowing that this was the first in the series I knew something had to happen and didn’t it just! For the first few pages to the last few my opinion of Dixon changed dramatically and I found myself dreading the end because I knew the hurt that Dixon was going to have to go through as there was no way he was going to get the happiness that I wanted him to have. I can only say that I can’t wait to read the next book as I truly want to see a few characters get what they deserve and not in a good way. You know you’re reading a good book when you feel emotionally invested and that’s exactly how I felt.