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Review : Drifter by Bella Jewel

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Any book that I see Bella Jewel's name on I know I'm going to be in for one hell of a read. 

Drifter is book two in the MC Sinners Next Generation Series following the lives of the kids to the beloved characters from the Jokers Wrath & Hell's Knights. You see so much of their parents in the children that is really eerie and will love being able to see where they all are now. 

This novel touched upon so many important issues and the way the author guided the reader through the trials and tribulations the characters experienced was awe inspiring and courageous. 

Drifter is all about Mercedes ( Spike's daughter from Hell's Knights ) She is spunky, smart, brave and beautiful inside and out. Navigating College life is difficult for any young adult, you would think however it would be a piece of cake for a biker's daughter who would be immune to the hardships. Mercy however learns from early on into college life that the real world is cruel, unforgiving and dangerous. 

Diesel is the lead singer of Wrath. His voice melts the panties right off and his stark stare will leave you shaking in your boots and not in a good way. An enigma onto his self Diesel is much more than the sexy broody front man. 

Mercy and Diesel do NOT hit it off when they first meet however there's an undeniable pull. Through time, tenacity and patience Mercedes breaks down walls, barriers and yes threats. 

Their relationship would never of worked they thought. As you get deeper and deeper into the story you'll see why but you will also see that they are the only ones who can and will ultimately change the other lives. 

This was a powerful, moving and passionate read, about one girl finding her own voice, one man finding his other half and a family yet again showing the power of love will always overcome all. 

5 star read