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Review : Drop Dead Sexy by Katie Ashley

** ARC provided by the Author for an Honest Review ** 

First, I licked Catcher so he is mine. Sorry ladies and gents I call dibs!

This book, oh boy I tell you I am going to go all fan girl and gush, if you're fans of Katie Ashley’s work you're already going to love this novel. If you’re on the fence .. then RUN and GET THIS BOOK, it’s fresh and funny and HELLA sexy. 

I mean it Mr. Catcher Mains is one dirty talking hero you want in your life.

Poor Olivia Sullivan does not have a great track record with men. It’s no fault of her own; I swear if I didn’t read it and laughed so hard, I would have wept for this girl. Not only is she the daughter of a mortician but she also lives in a small town ... that’s got to be tough. All grown up and unmarried at 30 and a mortician herself, it doesn't really scream come date me. Not only is she an independent women but she has spunk and have no fear she isn’t a wimp by any means buy is a little gun shy. Olivia even endures a bachelor party for her mother whom she adores watching her open present which include lingerie (shutters) and eats the part of the scrotum from the phallus cake. Ha! 

When she meets Catcher it was time to dust the cobwebs off shall we say?

Holden “Catcher” Mains; Agent with the GBI- Georgia Bureau of Investigations. He loves his job and his life but something is missing. At age 33 he's unmarried and a perma bachelor. He stole my heart he did, with his dirty talking ways, one innuendo at a time. Not only funny but sweet, this sexy bachelor has a side order of charming.

Unknowingly they get thrown together after a one night stand, which in time leads to something more. 

These two feed off each other. He’s loose and witty while she is more cautious, Holden brings out her naughty side and Olivia gives as good as she gets. The best part for Olivia is that he lets her be Liv not Olivia the mortician/coroner. 

I don’t know if I have EVER laughed so much in a book before, seriously. I was laughing out loud so much my cats and kids looked at me like I was losing it. Oh and the blushing… I am NOT a blusher and Catcher made me blush like a tomato. 

Even while writing this review and remembering. Oh Dear….

Not only is it hot and funny, but it’s got a great story that keeps you guessing and wanting to know who did it and what the freakity freak?!?! 

This is a re-read if I ever saw one. Here are some of my favorite quotes. 

Alan, Olivia’s younger brother… “First rule of Funeral Home Fight Club: No one talks about Funeral Home Fight Club.” Who says that!! 

“Do not birch slap your grandmother. Do not bitch slap your grandmother.” – lmao 

Catcher says this gem – “I wonder how he fits that in to a pair of jeans?” Oh it gets better. 

I can never hear the words King and Kong without cracking up I swear Katie has ruined me for life!!! In a good way. 

Olivia “Thou shalt not sext in the house of god,” Ha Cater did more than that…

“I would be happy to take you anywhere you’d like to go, Mrs. Sullivan. Even to a nudist colony.” Ha! Oh Catcher you shouldn’t. You naughty boy you.. LOL! 

10 Star’s I don’t think I have ever really enjoyed a book this much .. I will never look at a cupcake the same again. Finger licking good I say. 

Final thoughts…

Step away from the yarb’s! - Just saying!