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Review : Faithless by K.B. Nelson


Faithless is a dark love story. It will mess with your mind and leave you reeling. A roller coaster of emotional pains and full of suspense, you will be at the edge of your seat with every turn of the page. Every character fights with their own demons and all running away from having to deal with the life that pushed them to their breaking point. 

A love triangle between broken souls.

Faith grew up in foster home after foster home, never really having stability or a place to call home. Her only true friend was Noah Parker but he also was the one that broke her heart and ultimately one of the reasons she left everything behind. 4 yrs and shes back home trying to start a new life.

Noah Parker loved Faith since they were kids and has always imagined her in his life, but sometimes life has a different path for us all. He lost everyone he's loved and now he has lost even more .... his Faith and his soul. Noah believes he can't be brought back and that he has been broken beyond repair. When the love of his life comes back into town, he might just break every rule and risk what little he has left.

Luke had the perfect life. Loving parents and two new step siblings. The three of them were inseparable but in a blink of an eye he lost everything even both his soul mates. Now he is lost and lonely.

After an accident life changes for all three of them. Their once inseparable bond is broken and when faith disappeared for 4 yrs everything is gone. The once soul mates find themselves lost and full of pain and regrets. They all have secrets and they all have to deal with the consequences of their choices. Can they find what they lost and learn to live again ?

This book was dark and pushed some boundaries for me. The drama and pain between the characters was truly scary. It has action and revenge keeping you on edge trying to find what happens next.