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Review : False Start (The Mavericks Series #1) by Julianna Marley

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

When you say " I Do " you never think all your hopes and dreams can be taken away so coldly - so unexpectedly .. and the " for better or worse " to be tested so quickly ... 

Jax and Alivia have the perfect life to the outside world. They had a romantic whirlwind courtship, beautiful wedding ... the start of the perfect HEA we all yearn and hope for. That is until one day .. one instance changed it all. 

Jax is a world class athlete. The quarterback for the Mavericks he is sought after on and off the field. Sexy, passionate and damaged, Jax is an enigma. His past has never really left him, tainted every aspect of his life past and present. Until this player realizes that the past doesn't define him, his marriage will be the biggest failure and ultimately regret unless he gets his act together. 

Alivia .. she in my eyes is just the quintessential Lady Boss. Event planner extraordinaire she is kind hearted, generous, beautiful inside and out. Her childhood wasn't picture perfect, she too has emotional scars and baggage. However now with great friends, great job and then being swept off her feet by the swoon worth Quarter Back life is good for Alivia, all her hopes and dreams are within grasp and the future looks bright. Her only flaw ? Spreading herself too thin .. thinking that she can manage and take care of everything and everyone around her. It can take a toll on the strongest of individuals add to that gossip, stress and fear ... it's a dangerous combination. 

When communication is absent .. things always astray. Even with the best of intentions. When past insecurities and trauma is lurking beneath the surface .. its cause for much unnecessary pain. 

Jax and Alivia will be faced with challenges, ones that they will need to overcome together and seperately. Will their deep love be enough to sustain them through the bumps in the road? Or has time put too much distance between these two lovers. Fighting for family, for love, for that relationship that you know deep in your heart is once in a life time. There is a lot at stake for these two. 

When the ball is tossed .. when a person takes a leap of faith .. will the other catch it or watch it fall to the ground ? 

Read and find out how their story unravels. It is heart wrenching, sobering, moving and passionate. 

The author does a fantastic job at slowly, methodically revealing the true reasons behind the actions of these characters. It will make you see just how real the struggle was for them and what it cost them. 

5 out of this world stars