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Review : Fear You by B.B. Reid


BB Reid does it again !  Spectacular job writing and keeping my interest from the start .  This is the continuation in the Broken Love Series that I highly recommend to anyone that likes a fast paced , energized story .  I will warn you that the subject material may not be for everyone as it deals with the real world issue of child slavery and not everyone can handle this delicate subject matter .  BB Reid does a fantastic job of addressing it in a manner that does not sugar coat the harsh reality occurring everyday across the world .

We continue to follow Lake and Kieran's story . Fear You has more flashbacks to Kieran's troubled childhood and we begin to u deal more why he is how he is .  We also learn more about Lake's past .  BB Reid does an excellent job transitioning from flashbacks to present day in her stories .  This is something not every author is able to pull off and BB does it flawlessly .

BB Reid does a great job flowing from one book to another in her series and for me , that is very important .  This is a love story that also pulls in the secondary characters to the point of wanting to know more about them as well .

I love that I can want to throw my Kindle across the room one moment and wish I were there to help out the gang the next moment .  A great writer is one that can pull every emotion out of me and BB Reid does just this .  Fear You is a FIVE star read that I would recommend to anyone .  Status :  Book Hangover !

REVIEWER : Jennifer M.