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Review : Fly By by Molly McLain

** ARC provided by the Author for an Honest Review ** 

OMG .. I almost broke my kindle ! Colton .. you are one the most infuriating, sexy, sweet men I have ever "read" ! 

Two best friends .. one problem .. a perfect solution on paper. 

Colton and Taylor have been best friends since childhood. Their relationship has that easy banter that we all I believe yearn for. One is a hot shot Motor Cross racer the other a beautiful girl stuck in their small town with big dreams of something greater. 

Taylor yearns to get out of her current situation, she has big dreams and is determined to one day achieve each and every one. Devoted is a word I would use to describe her. To her friends, family and those she loves. Colton is also determined .. he is hell bent on making a name for himself. To be the best of the best, however that comes with a cost .. one that will test him and ultimately Taylor. 

Home is where the heart is they say .. and it's true for both of them. For different reasons and one important joint reason. The development of their relationship is natural but is filled with self doubt, passion and love .. always love. 

When Colton makes a proposal to Taylor it is one that will change the course of the friendship. It is a risk, riskier than any trick he has performed. 

What happens when you start to see the one person who has always been there for you in a different light? Will the other side of them that you never experienced be too much for you to handle or will it pull you deeper into the promise of a different reality? 

Who's dream will become a reality and what happens when those aspirations change? 

Read and find out how two friends face difficulties, challenges and a love like non other? Will the demands and selfishness of one be too much for the other

The book ends in a cliffhanger I must warn you and I am dying to find out where the author will take the couple that I have become invested in.