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Review : Forgetting August by J.L. Berg


A great 5 star read that was unlike anything I’d read previously. The concept for this story wasn’t something I’d really come across before and I thoroughly enjoyed it because of that fact. The story was an emotionally engaging tale that has an ending that has you exclaiming WTF!?! 

August Kincaid is awake. Two years after he first fell into a coma August wakes to a world that he doesn’t know. He has no memory of who he is, where he is, what family and friends he has and what happened to him. Looking through his possessions he finds a photo in his wallet of himself and a smiling redheaded beauty and even though his head doesn’t know who she is his heart knows and he is instantly drawn to her.

Everly Adams is still struggling with day to day life. Haunted by memories of her former life every time she seems something or someone who reminds her of August she is left reeling through images in her head reminding her how he treated her, both good and bad. Two years it has been since she walked away from him, leaving in that hospital bed. She has finally found happiness and is engaged to a sweet gentle man and Ryan will do his all to make her happy. However when she gets the call to say August is awake, life as she knows it changes whether she wants it to or not.

“He was like a ghost-my own personal poltergeist.”

Told through a dual POV we get to know August and Everly through some flashbacks and also through the telling of memories as Everly tries to find closure for both her and August by taking him down memory lane. Seeing the pain and anguish every time she is near him August vows to never be that man once more. He has discovered that he was once sweet and loving but changed by what Everly tells him was his pursuit of power and money. August went from being perfect to being harsh, manipulative, demanding and controlling going as far as locking Everly in her ivory tower in what at the time he said was his need to protect her. We learn that Everly never really understood what changed and why he behaved the way her did.

August is different after his coma and he is determined to have his second chance with Everly as he knows deep down she is everything he needs and wants. Everly can also see that he has changed but will she be able to see who he is now and not what he was then. I felt for them both as they tried to come to terms with things and you understand the conflicting emotions that would be going through Everly’s head at the prospect of having that second chance with the man who captured her heart many years ago and with August trying desperately to prove he is not the man who controlled her. It really does make you wonder what you would do in a similar situation or how you would advise a friend if it was them in this situation. Also how hard would it be to wake up with no memory but to then be told that you were a controlling monster? This thought disgusts August as I’m sure it would most and he is adamant that he will never revert back to that awful person again.

Reading this book I was rooting for Everly and August as they really are characters that you can see love one another. You know something changed him to be controlling and you get a glimpse of what that was near the end of this book and you feel the instant dread that starts in your stomach.

“I would not cry over this man. Not again-not ever again. And I would not allow his presence to ruin my life.”

Everly is a strong character and you know that she will survive the heartbreak of August and what he has put her through. The chemistry between August and Everly is evident from the outset and you know that August is meant to be in her life one way or another. This book is the first in a series and you will be desperate to read the next book to find out what happens next as the ending leaves you hanging just a little but also wanting more. 

J.L. Berg has produced another well written story with two characters that take you through an emotional wringer. There are a couple of supporting cast that I would like to know more about and am hopeful that will happen in the next installment. I have a feeling we’ll learn how truly evil Trent is as more of August’s story unfolds in the next book but hopefully we’ll also have more about Brick and Sarah too. This is definitely a book I would recommend for a romance with a different take.