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Review : HardBall by C.D. Reiss


Dash, I think I love to hate him. He is a sexy baseball player who has a bit of a chip on his shoulders. He likes his routine and his rituals, deviating from them makes him nervous and jumpy.  Baseball is a game of luck and superstition or at least that is what he believes to be true.  He is a handsome devil and knows it and doesn’t really understand that life doesn’t always follow his plans. Sure he has dealt with loss in his life but for him things should just fall in to place along with people or that was my take ok this hunky dunky. 

Vivian is just a normal girl, she works as a librarian in a school where sometimes kids don’t eat and need to take naps on her couch. She doesn’t judge and will take the time to make sure her fruit bowl is filled so that every child will not know hunger.  Vivian might be a little bit of a push over but not when it counts. Having withstood a pretty bad break up in which she kind of lost her self-worth, she isn’t willing to be someone’s fling. Vivian wants and deserves more than that.  Her dad and her career are her world until Mr. Hunky comes into her life.

For me her dad, (step-dad) stole the show for me. He is dealing with a lifelong issue of arthritis, but has a way about himself that makes you like him. He doesn’t make excuses for himself. Standing up to the plate to be a dad weather by blood or by choice.  When they lost Vivian mother when Vivian was just young he adopted Vivian her no questions asked.

Here is a little why I liked him so. This was after he tried to date.

Vivian – “When I’d asked him about her later, he said he only needed one woman in the house. It was then that I felt chosen, and that feeling had never left me.”  

That’s what a dad is supposed to me you feel   

When Dash proposes to see Vivian on regular basis only until the season starts she doesn’t take that very well not wanting there to be an end date. She is adamant about this and so she should be, Vivian deserves an all-in kind of man.

“No expiration date.” - Vivian

“But no promises either. I’ve never had a home field girl.”  - Dash

I wasn’t real happy with Dash much, but I think that’s kind of why I liked him. I did like that he would open her car door and never put her down nor make her feel like she wasn’t good enough.  

And really what man quotes Shakespeare now a days I ask you! 

The dynamic between these two is hot and explosive. I mean the sexy stuff will make you blush no doubt about it, Dash is a dominate, powerful man and he sure lets you know it. But a relationship is about give and take and they both had to learn this lesson throughout the book.

And one last dad quote, because I loved him so. 

“He’s lucky.” 

“I’ll let him live.”