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Review : Havoc by Nina Levine


Ok, first things first. I was a bit concerned when I received the arc of this book as it is #8 of part of an ongoing series of books focused around the Storm motorcycle club. I have to admit I was a bit panicked thinking I might have to read all seven other books before reading this but was relieved to discover that wasn’t the case.

This was a 5* review for me as it was quick, easy to read and once I started reading this book I found that I didn’t want to and couldn’t put it down. Right from the onset I loved Havoc and his straight to the point attitude. Although a member of Storm MC, Havoc is a nomad who enjoys the open road and not being tied down to stay in any one place for any length of time. He has arrived back in his native Brisbane because his father is ill and he has a few things to sort out. Drowning in drink is what he plans on doing for the night and in no way had he planned on hooking up with the smart mouthed woman who sat down beside him.

Carla is having a nightmare of a day and is desperate need of blowing off some steam and relaxing over a drink. Choosing the seat beside Havoc wasn’t something she thought about but once she sat down she couldn’t deny how good he looked and the prospect of sex with him might just be what she needs to take her mind away from other things.

The relationship between these two characters is passionate and steamy. Each agreeing that all they want out of this is sex so neither planned on having anything more than some fun. Certainly having a one night stand turn into a two night stand and into then just a few more days won’t make it anything more than the fun and pleasure they initially intended? Can it? 

I loved the easy banter between these two characters and really enjoyed how they appeared as equals in terms of how they felt and acted. Carla was a strong female that was able to take Havoc for who he was and not try and change him, she didn’t back down to him and was a confident well rounded character. Havoc was a hard as nails dirty mouthed biker who wasn’t ready to open himself up to anyone. He embraced the nomad life and had no intentions of changing that. The fact that he didn’t alter who he was but was able to evolve with his emotions and still remain true to himself was refreshing to read, too often I read alpha males stop being so alpha when they develop feelings but not in this case.

Personally I think the fact that I managed to read the whole book while a smile stayed on my face proves to me how much I enjoyed it. I may have started with book #8 in this series and yeah I may not have known who certain supporting characters were or had that much insight into the club had I read the others I don’t feel that my pleasure in reading this book was hindered in any way. This was a steamy read with great characters that are extremely well matched. This book definitely left me wanting more Havoc in my life and I will without a doubt be going back to the start of this series to enjoy more about the Storm bikers. I honestly don’t have a good enough excuse as to why it has taken me so long to get started with Nina Levine’s Storm MC series but I will rectify that and soon.