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Review : Hawke by Sawyer Bennett

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Although this book is in fact book number 5 in a series centered round the Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Team each book before it was focused on a different couple so there is no need to read the rest before picking this one up. The reason I am so sure is because I haven’t read any of them and didn’t feel like I was missing anything that would make a difference to this story.

To be honest I swithered on how to rate this book as I really did enjoy but unfortunately when it came down to it, I just didn’t love it meaning it was a 4* read for me. It was an enjoyable read that was great to get lost in but I didn’t quite feel the passionate alpha jock that I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, Hawke Therrian was all man and the visual image I was able to conjure up based on the description was definitely someone I’d love to meet but I just felt that there was something lacking at times.

Hawke Therrian and Vale Campbell were a young couple living together in their own little bubble but reality hit and they split after four years together. Hawke had no idea his world was about to come crashing down as he thought he was finally getting everything he ever wanted. He was due to head off and play hockey in the big leagues and planning to someone get the love of his life to follow he is rocked to the core when she breaks his heart just hours before he is set to fly off. Regardless of what Hawke felt, Vale knew she was doing what was best for him.

“But really, until I met Hawke, I was merely existing. Going through each day, one step at a time and closing my eyes at night without really knowing my purpose.”

Vale loved Hawke once and when thrown together again seven years after they had parted ways was not going to be easy, for either of them. Hawke was hurt badly and doesn’t know why Vale did what she did, cutting him off and out of her life altogether. He would like to think she isn’t important to him anymore but his heart doesn’t quite get that message. Brought together once again and unable to avoid each other a civil truce is agreed and a tentative friendship begins. It is not long though before that friendship isn’t quite enough.

There is sexual chemistry and banter between the two that at times is intense but can also be funny. The characters certainly go through a range of emotions and have to if they ever hope to move forward. Vale has been holding back some secrets and Hawke is still looking to find out why she behaved the way she did and until he knows he might not be able to get over it.

I have no complaints on how it was written or the flow throughout the story and I enjoyed the dual POV allowing insight into Hawke as well as Vale. However, I just can’t put my finger on it but I wanted more. Hawke was a good male lead but I think I just wanted him to be a bit rougher or ragged around the edges. Certainly the match between him and Vale was well thought out and I actually liked the two of them together. This is a second chance romance with quite a valid reason for the split and a good story of how they respond being involved in each other’s lives again. There were a few times when I was trying to urge it on and for the big reveal of why to happen sooner but that was possibly my impatience of wanting to know how Hawke would react and what would happen next. I did want to smack the two of them up the side of the head a couple times and tell them to talk but I need to behave and it is a book.

It’s a well rounded story with plausible characters that have been developed with thought. I will go back and read the others in the series but only when I have time and am after what I assume like this book, will be an easy to read HEA story.