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Review : Her Forever Hero by Melody Anne

** ARC provided by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review ** 

Melody Anne is MY HERO. Her writing, stories, characters .. completely captivating and utterly unforgettable. 

Her Forever Hero is a story that has become a fast favorite of mine. It has romance, suspense, laughter, passion, and much much more. 

Two high school sweethearts come together again after years apart, neither one has forgotten the other however life and it's funny yet twisted way has decided to give these two a run for their money ... 

Cam and Grace have a history .. a past that has left hurt and emotional scars in its wake. When the beauty returns to her home town and faced with a situation hanging over her head, can the sexy Attorney Cam redeem himself in her eyes and her in the eyes of the law? The story is fast paced with nail biting twists and turns, scorching intimate moments and head spinning ups and ups. 

Read and find out how these two move ahead with life and each other. Second chances might actually exist ....