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Review : The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown


OK first of all I have to say I'm in love. Elizabeth Brown is a gifted writer. This book was very well written. And can easily be a favorite. When reading feels like it's speaking directly to you. It has everything a book lover could want it's Hot, Sexy, Funny and very easily addicting.

Natalie had it all planned out meet a guy, fall in love, get married, the white picket fence home, children and happily ever after. Too bad life never follows the plan.

Now in a new city, new job she is working on getting back on track and working on her little secret.

Ryan is working hard to earn his PhD and take care of his sister. He refuses to lose focus and knows how to detach his personal feelings and that is what makes him great at his job. Working as a surrogate has been easy for him but now his control is about to be tested.

Working with Ryan as my surrogate has been anything but easy. He is hot and the next moment cold. I have fought my feelings trying not to fall but it's too late.

Natalie is hot, sweet, the innocent librarian draws me in but her mouth has me trapped. Fighting with my feelings for this woman and the duty to my job and my future.

5 stars .....super impressed with this book it was amazing and easy to fall in love with. Made me feel like it was addressing me personally as I was reading. The Author made me an instant fan.

Reviewed by : Deanne C.