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Review : A Mess of a Man by A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine


A mess of a Man by A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine makes you think about what you would do if faced with some of the choices presented in the novel, an emotional read for sure. The story has a slow build but the love story that is developing is one that is worth the wait. 

Ben Rhoades works hard and plays harder. Women refer to him as a womanizer, heart breaker even an A hole. After loosing his best friend to Cancer he refuses to allow anyone to get close to him. He is lost, lonely, jaded and everything brings back the pain of loss. When he meets the one girl that could potentially change his whole outlook on life, Ben does what he always has, pushes and pushes thinking as always he has nothing left to give or offer. However fate has something else in store for them and does not like his attitude! 

Samantha Calhoun is a hard working event planner. A good girl. Tired of being dealt a bad hand at love she decides to do things differently and let go. After meeting a broken man who has stirred something inside of her .. she makes him offer .. an offer he can't refuse. What happens when feelings go further than planned is the beauty of the story. 

These two have busy lives, one deals with the responsibilities of his Father's firm the other a busy career. This was supposed to be a easy, no mess no fuss affair. A plan is made .. but lines are getting blurry. Secrets are being withheld and one that can potential alter the course of both their lives. 

While Ben and Samantha deal with the blossoming of their feelings what happens when the truth comes out ? Will they be strong enough to weather the storm together or will this be the way out that one of them thought they wanted from the start

One decision and their worlds come to a stop. Life will test Ben and Samantha, push them to face their fears and fight for what they want. But will it be enough ? Will this couple have a chance at an HEA they so richly deserve? 

Life is funny isn't it .. how it knows exactly when to place someone into your life just when you need them the most ...