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Review : The Natural History of Us by Rachel Harris


The Natural History of Us by Rachel Harris was a 4 star read for me. It had dual timelines as well as dual POV's which I absolutely loved.

The young adult genre is typically not my favorite when it is very young adult, but this book managed to make me relive my high school years a bit.  Oh what years!  : )

I felt so bad for Justin.  He had people all around him, but no one that truly loved him and showed him affection.  He played baseball to make his dad happy, but he really didn't get any benefits from doing that for his dad since his dad continued to ignore him.  Justin doesn't understand relationships because of all of this so he only did "casual" hookups.  The one time he tried a relationship, it didn't end so well.  

Peyton is the shy, book hugging young girl.  Daughter of the baseball coach and a barrel racer.  She has tons of love around her, but she is still lonely.  Coming back from a life-changing event, she wants to come out of her shell and be someone else.  I loved how she thought things out and worked hard to overcome her history.  She worked hard and thought about others as well.  I wanted to be apart of her inner circle.  She loved them dearly.

The relationship between Justin and Peyton was a sweet, cute one.  They both had their short-comings and both had their own hang-ups but somehow they brought out the best in one another.  They help one another figure out what they want out of their lives and what they need to do to get that future.  Even from the beginning you could feel the love between the two and how it altered as they grew up.  It was fun to see how different they were at the end.  

REVIEWED BY : Jennifer A.