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Review : Resist by Missy Johnson


Resist by Missy Johnson was a great read and real page turner. It will have you wondering what will happen next while turning the pages. Missy did a great job with each character. It has mystery, passion, suspense and great sexy love scenes. I wish the ending it could have given us more since it left me yearning for more !!! 

Jaxon Murphy is a successful CEO willing to do anything in his power to bring down and destroy the person responsible for the death of his family. He lives his life only for revenge after losing everyone he has loved and to top it off he has major trust issues after vicious accusations on his name had been made. 

Charlotte is a newly college graduate. Struggling to get a job as a journalist, she can't seem to catch a break even after graduating top of her class. On a lucky day Charlotte is presented with a offer she can't refuse, that break she had been hoping for finally seems to have happened for her. 

What happens when the journalist starts working for the CEO ? Will Jaxon be successful in bringing down his enemy with the help of the beauty beside him? When these two individuals start getting closer will walls be taken down piece by piece or are they too high for even the bravest to attempt ?

While Charlotte is attempting to find her own story and way in the world, she can't help but get pulled into the world of a man she is falling for. While the hardened Jaxon is trying to find retribution he also can't seem to help but fall for this strong, brave beautiful woman. What happens when secrets are revealed though ? Will these two strike a deal amongst themselves and what happens when things start getting real ?

Can they both survive this? Will she be able to do anything to get what he needs? Even if it means sleeping with his enemy ?

Will they Resist the temptation to give in to love ?

Lots of questions and you will just have to read this fast paced sexy novel to find out what happens next.