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Review : Saving Maverick by Debra Elise


Who doesn't love a book with sports, hot sexy men, romance and crazy drama.
Debra did an amazing job in combining all my favorites in one book. It was a good read.

Maverick Jansen has been struggling with his career as a Pitcher for the Outlaws. After an accident left him on the Disabled List he has been unable to work his was back to where he used to be. Now the media see him as a man with a drinking problem and a man whore. After his boss and owner of the team give him one last chance Maverick is willing to put in the work to rise again.

Kelsey Sullivan is the best at what she does. She worked hard to earn the respect and position she has. When her best friend Thomas asks her for a favor to help with the Bad Boy of Baseball her PR skills will be tested as well as her skills to keep to her rules ... the biggest one Don't Sleep with the Client.

Seems no matter what Maverick and Kelsey do they are drawn together. Tired of fighting at a weak moment Kelsey gives in but now that moment is all over the media. With her job on the line as well as her reputation they decide that the best way to spin it their way is to play the happy couple and take advantage of their lust for each other. When things start getting out of hand and feelings start blurring lines as well as the past both are unwilling to share push them apart both have to decide what is real.