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Review : Scarred Souls by Tillie Cole


If you are not a Tillie Cole fan reading Raze will instantly change your mind. This book was so amazingly written. Its a dark romance full of suspense and action, the pain expressed in this book was heartbreaking.

Kisa Volkov is broken having lost her only love and soulmate as well as her twin brother at a young age. Now she is engaged to the last heir of the Russian mafia and the champion of the underground fighting ring. Being the only daughter of the Mafia's leader she is expected to show her submission and loyalty.

818/ Raze
Has been a prisoner of the gulags for 12 yrs. He has been trained to cause pain, draw blood and kill. With no memory of anything other than ; Alik Durov......Brooklyn, New York......Kill

After being attacked while distributing care packages to the homeless Kisa cant stop thinking about the man who saved her life, the man who killed for her. Feeling drawn to a stranger someone she should clearly stay away, she has to find him she has to thank him and most of all she has to get a look at him.

818 has found the man he's looking for, he knows what he has to do, what he wants to do even, if he doesn't understand why. After joining the Gym for the fights he can taste his revenge what he didn't count on was the beautiful woman who he can't keep his eyes away from. Now he has more reason to fight because she belongs to his enemy.

5 stars although its a dark romance I totally fell in love with it. It made me cry. And omg you can feel the pain that the author wanted to express through the characters. This is a must read. Top 10 favorites material.


Tillie Cole as done it again. Another amazing story from the Scarred Souls series book 2. Picking up right after Raze this story will make you fall in love again. Best cliffhanger ending ever.

Talia Tolstaia has just gained her brother back after 12 yrs of believing he was dead. Her family is finally complete, but why does she feel so alone. She wants love, she wants happily ever after but being the daughter of one of the Russian mafia leaders that might be impossible.

221/ Zaal is the best fighter and the perfect slave. Always loyal to his master, he knows nothing other than darkness, pain and chains.

After being trapped in the underground world of fighting and being a slave for 20 yrs 212 is waking up chained in a strange place but cared by a beautiful woman. She is kind and he wants to keep her.
Talia cant stop thinking about Zaal even though she knows the truth about his identity. She can't stop the pain it brings her knowing she only has a short time with him and that as soon as he remembers she will lose him forever.

5 stars this story was great if not maybe better than Raze. Its a lovely dark romance full of pain.