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Review : Selling Satisfaction by Ashley Beale

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Selling Satisfaction was filled with moments that will have you laughing, blushing and wondering.

The author did a fantastic job in narrating such a wonderful story that you felt for each of the characters and got to know them so well it felt like you could be right along side them going on this journey. It was at times light hearted at times sad but all the while I never felt over whelmed since the writing flowed so well.

I loved Brenna, she is a strong, funny beautiful survivor. Having endured so much at a tender age, her past she is determined will not define her even though it has left emotional scars. Her job is not a conventional one, it's frowned upon my many and illegal. However it is the only way she finds comfort and some sort of power over her destiny. This all changes when one man comes into her life when she least expects it. He will forever change her outlook and the course of her life.

Everett, oh he is high up there on my new favorite new Book Boyfriend list. Sexy, hilarious, smart and a bad ass with a heart. He moves to Florida for a job assignment being a Detective he has a mission to accomplish. Little does he know what he encounters in his new town will have the power to break his heart and put him in a position he never expected.

Brenna and Everett might be doomed from the start. One's job is to serve and protect while the other's is to serve. When an easy friendship is formed and it leads to more how will they fare when both are holding onto secrets and lies?

Nothing remains hidden for long and when the time comes that identities are unmasked and what they thought would always be a secret revealed how will they be able to move on?

Ups and downs, twists and turns, laugh out loud moments, blush worth scenes and a beautiful love story .. Selling Satisfaction is one that you need to one click today.

5 stars !