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Review : Slow & Steady by Kendall Ryan


Slow and Steady is the type of story that creeps up on you, with so much emotion, action and passion packed into this fast paced read, you will be completely drawn in. 

Greyson Archer is a man going through the motions of living life. Guilt eats away at him daily. A ex Navy SEAL, his life consists of work, home and the occasional night out. All that changes when this sexy solider walks into a club and sees the woman who is the reflection of his guilt and the one person who has the ability to cut him off at the knees. 

Finley Sutton is barely holding it together. Dancing at a strip club to pay her bills is not how she saw her life, her perfect life until one day it was shattered to pieces. Every fiber of her being hates her job but not the dancing .. that is her only escape from reality. She needs to do what she must to survive, it's not only herself she needs to worry about anymore. Everything changes when the man responsible for her pain and the destruction of her dreams shows up her club. 

Life will never be the same for these two. 

Grey and Fin are explosive together. Sexual tension runs rampit along with feelings of anger, resentment and fear. They challenge one another while the push and pull between become undeniable. Grey will stop at nothing to make the wrongs right and have the woman who haunts his dreams ... HIS. 

Will they be able to over come the obstacles before them or will Finley's doubts and fears end them before they even have a chance. Will Grey's fierce desire for redemption be enough to break down the walls around Finley's heart? Or will outside forces keep them apart forever?

Slow and Steady .. sometimes is the only way to a perfect love. 

Read and find out how two people find love, peace and acceptance all the while turning pain into love. Blush worthy scenes, nail biting instances and swoon worthy moments are peppered all through out this read.

4 slow and steady stars.