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Review : The Stars in the Sky by Leslie McAdam

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review **

What happens when your political views is the cause of your fierce attraction and equally fierce revulsion ? 

Two people who are completely wrong for each other on paper are so perfectly imperfect together and Leslie McAdams shows us in the most beautiful way how opposites do attract. 

Sexy, funny, eye opening and fast paced this novel will have you laughing and blushing with every turn of the page. 

Will is a dominant, opinionated and sexy rancher. Nothing prepares him for the way feisty, strong willed and equally opinionated Marie barrels into his life. 

Set in a back drop made for movies, these two explore their feelings for each other while trying to hang onto their beliefs and views. The clash of the titans has nothing on these two when their wills clash. They have the summer together but will this Summer fling turn into something more or are they just so different that somethings can't be overcome .. no matter how compatible they are in other departments? 

I loved reading their evolution, how they came into their relationship.  If you are looking for a sexy, funny read then this is the book for you ! 

Settle in and get ready to meet two foul mouthed lovable characters who will make you itch to start a political debate with your significant other!