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Review : Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly


Erika Kelly has now won a place as one of my top authors. This book was extraordinary and I am confident it will be a top seller. You can see some Erika's personality in her work and will leave you hungry for more.

Mimi Romano is working hard to prove to her skills to her father. She has always dreamed of working for him and be part of his team. After winning a chance to be a participant in a big competition cooking show she wants nothing more than to win.

Calix Bourbon is a season Keyboard player to a big upcoming band. Tragedy has broken his family and guilt has kept his life on hold. Now he has to find way to survive this girl that has gotten under his skin and made him want more from life.

Agreeing to help Mimi by giving her cooking lessons Calix hopes it will bring back his mom who has been lost in her pain. Mimi is the only person who brings out the real Calix she loves to see him free and she can't help challenging him or putting her foot in her mouth. No matter how hard he fights the pull she keeps digging harder into his heart.

5 stars very different than what I'm used to reading its funny, sexy, and very well written. Loved the references to the tv shows since we are familiar with it.