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Review : Taken Home by Ruth Cardello


Totally loved this was amazing, sexy, hot as hell and I loved every minute of it. Made me feel all giddy and girly. I felt like I was watching a sweet romance movie. The characters felt so real and would love it as a movie. Ruth did an amazing job.

Chelle Landon is a sweet innocent girl next door. But she's tired of being just that she wants adventure and as much as she loves her family she needs to spread her wings and see the world.

Mason Thorne is California's hot young senator. But his reputation as a womanizer is keeping some from taking him serious. After the mistake of sleeping with his last conquest trying to get rid of her is proving to be harder than he thought. So now here he is in Texas at his friends wedding trying to find a fake  fiance to help with his lies.

Agreeing to be Masons fake fiance is easier than Chelle thought. After they made the agreement to spend the weekend playing their parts Mason can't seem to let Chelle go so he makes her a deal. They keep up the charade until they get physically tired of each other. Then break free. Only rule to remember it's not real everything is just physical. Too bad Chelle's heart didn't get the memo.

5 stars totally loved loved loved........