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Review : Taming Alaska by Diana Downey


Taming Alaska by Diana Downey was a suspenseful romance.  It started out with a bang and went from there.  If you read too quickly, you miss something.  That's how much there is going on in this book.

At the beginning of this book, Shane is a 20-something Alaskan native who has hit the big time making tons of money in the process.  He seems to fall for all the wrong women...aka CRAZY!  He wants to find a woman who will live on the Alaskan coast with him and be happy there.  He believes Cyn is too high maintenance for that.

Cynthia (Cyn) is a 16 yr old who becomes infatuated with Shane.  Her mother gives Shane the go-ahead to start dating Cyn, but Shane isn't comfortable with that so he leaves her.   Cyn is close with her mother as well as her younger sister, but has a very strained relationship with her older step-sister.   Cyn is a high maintenance girl but also loves to fish, which is something she does often with her dad.  

Through years of pushing and pulling each other they finally come to understand each other better.  Too bad neither of them will accept they are better off with one another than other people.  With so much going on around them, they have a hard time trusting each other and it causes rifts.  

Years later they meet up again and end up on the run in the Alaskan interior.  With bears, wolves, and any other wildlife that likes to eat people.  Plus crazy people chasing them.  During this time they finally come to terms with the feelings they each have and want more from one another.  Shane realizes that Cyn is stronger than she appears and Cyn realizes that Shane will do anything to keep her safe. Too bad more crazy things happen that causes them time apart.  

The book ended on a cliffhanger and I ask Diana if she could please get book 2 out soon.  I really want to know what happens.  

4 star read with a whole lot of everything going pay attention.