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Review : Undone Volume 1 by Calllie Harper

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

When I say the story starts off with a bang .. I meant it and ladies get ready to meet one sexy, arrogant Rock Star God that will rival your favorite Book Boyfriend. 

Ash will make you blush, pant and scream all the while wishing you were able to hear that panty melting voice talked about all throughout the story. He has the world at his feet and women in his bed. What more can any hot blooded man want right? Well he is on top of the world until he isn't. When his status goes from most wanted to most hated within a span of hours, Ash is left in a tail spin. 

Ana is a plain jane on all accounts. She is a librarian, piano teacher and your average run of the mill New Yorker living day by day. Work, home, family ... repeat. Her well ordered world comes to crashing halt when a sexy Rock Star comes barreling into her library. 

Ash needs a woman .. sounds funny doesn't it .. but it is not, he really needs someone and fast to help him salvage his reputation which thanks to a you tube is in shreds. Who more perfect than a Librarian with legs for days right? I think this playboy has met his match and it's game on. 

A bargain is made, plan set into motion and two people embark on a month long relationship that will leave one of them heart broken. 

A fast paced short read Undone will leave you wanting for more and I for one can't wait to read what is in story for this couple. From what I read so far, it's going to be an experience neither one of them will ever forget!