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Review : Undone Volume 2 by Callie Harper

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

What happens when what you thought was just for show .. a means to an end .. starts to become something so much deeper than you ever expected? When feelings get fuzzy and lines crossed .. what will become of this couple? 

We follow Ash and Ana on their "love affair" that will ultimately get him back on the most wanted listed. Their relationship off camera is hot, sexy and off the charts. I was blushing and fanning myself half the time!! 

We get to see more the world this Rock Star lives and understand exactly what the pressures and demands are really like for him on stage and off. They start opening themselves up in ways neither one of them expected. A little bit of drama, a little bit of angst and whole lotta loving, Volume 2 is sure to set your kindle on fire! 

Ash is evolving in more ways than one, but what happens when his reality starts invading the careful life Ana has lead. Has what she always said since the beginning .. not being made out for his world finally be what drives them apart ? 

Time is running out and soon the facade will end .. but is Ash ready to give it up and is Ana strong enough to stick around? 

I can't WAIT for part three!