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Review : Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters


Brilliant, Powerful and Moving .. Pepper Winters delivers a timeless captivating tale about an epic  love story that will forever change you , staying embedded in your soul long after you close the book.

This is unlike anything I have read from this genius writer. Her words will not only move you but make you yearn for more. 

Survival, fear, heartbreak, danger, passion and love. Estelle and Galloway each lead their own life, their own reality filled with personal hopes, dreams, insecurities, demons .. just like everyone else in this universe. When they step onto a plane the last thing they expected was the stranger sitting beside them, down the aisle wherever they might of been to become so much more than words could possibly describe. 

I don't think any review can do justice to the meaning and power behind the words. Every page is a lesson of some sort, every word a testament to courage, humanity and love. 

How strangers thrown together through a horrific crash can come together, forming a bond so strong it becomes unbreakable all the while learning their own individual strength in the face of adversity, trials and terror is something that I can't even begin to tell you. It is inspiring, thrilling and emotional to experience what these characters face. The development of the story line is flowing ... like fine wine. What happens ? You need to read it and find out for yourselves, but while you do .. do yourselves a favor read with all your senses open. Let it sink in and absorb all what Pepper is trying to convey. 

The story will not end with the words "The End", it won't end because the magic of Estelle and Galloway will forever stay with you. 

Open your own hearts to the unseen messages around you.