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Review : Where Lighting Strikes by A.L. Jackson


***5 You sing my soul stars***

It is no secret that  I am a huge fan of AL Jackson. I have read and loved all of her books. Her newest series-Bleeding Stars has quickly become my favorite by her. The first two in the series A Stone In The Sea, and Drowning To Breathe follows the same couple, Sebastian and Shea. The third book in the series, Where Lightning Strikes, can be read completely as a standalone. It is about a completely different couple.  AL is the queen of writing angsty filled books. The push and pull between the characters Lyrik and Tamar is easily enjoyed and will bring a smile to your face.

First let me introduce Lyrik West . He is a member of the band Sunder. Sebastian that I spoke of in the first two books is the front guy for the band. These band mates, Sebastian~Lyrik~Ash~and Zee,  have grew up together, formed a bond that has been tried and tested over the years.  These boys are very loyal to each other. Sunder had survived a thousand controversies. outlived a million rumors. Made it through jail sentences and overdoses and the death of their drummer, Mark, which was a very painful experience for the band as a whole group. The members of Sunder like to appear as the bad boy image that the media has saddled them with. Lyrik is very good at fulfilling that image and fueling the media. There is a deeper layer to him than you would expect. There is a soft side, a very ferocious and protective side to him that covers anyone lucky enough to be in his very tight circle. You get the feeling that he has been badly burned, and he is punishing himself for something that happened in his past.

Tamar King slings drinks as a bartender at the local bar Charlie's in Savannah Georgia. She has been working at this bar for four years. She showed up at Charlie's one day looking for a job and a place to live. To Charlie, the owner, this girl had a haunted look in her eyes. She was on the run from someone but not willing to talk about her past. She had been burnt bad, and it showed by the way she did not trust anyone especially men. She had meet Lyrik earlier in the second book , just at the bar, but there was an instant attraction between the two. Lyrik basically spent a year being shot down by Tamar. This time when the band was back in town to have some rest and relax from LA, Tamar also known as Red, did not know how much longer she could deny the attraction she felt for Lyrik.

Lyrik was at a total loss for his feelings for Tamar, this was all new territory for him. 

"She was like a red-headed siren, circling and circling and circling me on unsettled waters until I was trapped in some kind of vortex. It instantly flipped a switch in me."

Lyrik and Tamar come to an agreement. To just enjoy the two months that the band is in town for. No strings attached, just enjoy each others company. Tamar has not been with a man in four very long years.  She feared getting to close to him, and was already worried about when he would leave to go back to LA.

"I wanted what he was willing to give, even though I had the sinking feeling it was never going to be enough. This boy was going to scar me in an entirely different way."

I feel in love with Lyrik and Tamar and found myself rooting for them to beat the odds and make it. For both of them to figure out how they truly felt, deep in their hearts.  They are both damaged in two totally different ways. I wanted them to fight for each other, stand firm and face the feelings in their hearts. 

This book will certainly not disappoint in any way. It does end with a HEA. I want everyone to experience it for what it truly is. It is an angsty, emotional, heart wrenching, painful ride that Mrs. Jackson takes us on with this very delightful book.  I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes. 

Tamar- "The last brittle band of my heart broke. I could feel the snap. A million pounds gone. The flood of emtion that swelled in my chest and spun in my spirit. The shout of my soul. Love.Love. Love"

                                                                       REVIEWED BY : Priscilla S.