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Review : Wicked Dix by Monica James


Ok to get the obvious out of the way first, this is book 2 in the series and you must read Dirty Dix before starting this one. Now that is said I’m thrilled to say I would rate this as a 5 star read.

From the beginning of this book I knew it was going to be a difficult one to read at times as I knew I would get too emotionally invested and going by how I felt reading the first one I knew it would be bad. The prologue alone had me stopping to make sure that I had everything done that would allow me to ignore the world and get lost in the book without interruption. 

“Goodbye, Dr. Mathews. Thank you for being the biggest regret of my life,”

Now with an opening like that in the book I was already at the point of wanting to bring physical harm upon Juliet as I knew that this was her doing. Madison and Dixon start this book right where book one finishes but unfortunately you know it is going to be messy for them. After reading about Madison and loving her in the first book I was already feeling protective of her and that feeling only increased tenfold as she faced some of her biggest fears in this book.

Dixon struggles with his own self deprecation throughout as he focuses on all that he has done wrong and judges himself for those things he has done. As a reader you want to tell Dixon to give himself a break and be honest about what has happened rather than taking a more convoluted route to rid himself of his problems but then that would be less interesting to read. I loved Dixon more in this book as you see what a great person he is even if he doesn’t. You get to see more of his friends and I have to admit I do also have a bit of a crush on Hunter and would love more about him.

As I said earlier Madison is a beautiful person inside and out and faces her biggest fear by confronting issues from her past and opening up to her family about it. She again proves what a strong character she is and made stronger by not hiding away from things. She truly loves Dixon and they have a great connection with a heated chemistry that is off the charts at times.

Then there is the evil Juliet (sorry I can’t help it, I really could cause her harm) and of course she is causing trouble for Dixon and Madison and loving it. It’s a bit conflicting to dislike the character so much but also realizing that its only when someone is written so well that you can have such strong feelings about them. Juliet is by no means just the token bitch she is more complex than that and you realize that she is severely damaged too and you do pity her some but overall I still hated her (again sorry but she really got to me).

This book resolves well and I was really happy with how it all ended. From start to finish I was engrossed with reading this book and couldn’t put it down even though there was bits I didn’t want to read as I was dreading what was going to happen and I didn’t want the characters to have to deal with those situations but was desperate to see what happens, I know it makes no sense to me either. Basically I couldn’t put the book down. I know that reviews often say ‘it was a roller coaster ride’ but this book gives you just that and I would recommend that everyone read these books. Also I’m hoping that we might get a glimpse of Dixon and Madison in other books as I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Hunter gets his own book as he was brilliant and I would without doubt be one clicking a book dedicated to him. 

Reviewed by : Louise G.