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Audio Book Review : Without You by Kelly Elliott


4 Without me Star’s!

I loved this book here is why, the audio was awesome. I have listened to other Kelly Elliott’s audio and wasn’t a fan that being said I pushed through because I love her stories. But Stephen Dexter and Erin Mallon really brought this story to life without losing the story.  Because there is a lot going on, and a lot of characters and I didn’t get lost in the story not once so big kudo’s to Stephen and Erin for not only delivering a great audio but being true to all the characters.  So that’s on them for sure. 

If you read or listened to the Wanted series by Kelly Elliott then you are going to die to get your hands on this series. It’s their kid’s people! Who doesn’t love a spin off series of your favorite characters? 

So you don’t get confused from.  

Book 1 of Wanted – Ellie and Gunner gave us Alex and Colt

Book 3 Faithful – Heather and Josh gave us Will and Libby

We do see the other kids from the other couples from the Wanted series but I am just going to focus on Will and Alex.  Since their families are so close they grew up together. 
Alex aka Lex has grown up watching Will grow up, since the age of 10 she knew she loved him and that he was the boy for her. 

They started to date in their senior year of High School,  Lex always knew what she wanted to do but her daddy as other plan’s and he won’t let her follow Will to college he wants her at UT and that is final. 

She goes but she is not happy there and her dad keeps telling her to try new thing meet new people. Her head and heart get all confused. 

Will wants Lex and has wanted her since he was just a boy as well. He doesn’t like the distance between them and they try really hard to be see each other as much as possible but college is harder than either of them expected.  They have a lot of adjusting to do. 

I have to say I love Lex’s brother Colt even though Will is his best friend and Lex is his sister he was still a man about them getting together he didn’t throw a hissy fit (like I expected him too). I loved this about him.  

Like I said there are a lot of characters in this book you are going to see Libby, Will’s sister. You’re going to see brother, sister duo Luke and Grace.  And you’re going to see all of their parents and the grandparents. So brace but like I said the narration on this book is outstanding!

Lex is listening to everyone else but herself and she finally has to put a stop to all the voice’s in her head and speak up for herself. This was a beautiful thing I tell you. 

Funny scene was the log filled with scorpion’s omg I was crawling just listening to it. How Lex’s mother didn’t freak out is beyond me!! Ekk. 

Sexy hot scene the river, I am telling you when you get to this you will be like hot dang that was a steamy, steamy scene. Then what follows after will have you chuckling host to god I speak the truth!

We do have to deal with some heavy issues with this book as well and it’s a warning really to anyone at a party do not take a drink from ANYONE you do not know or trust.  But watching how Lex and Will handle anything that gets thrown at them and how they deal with it and can still come out stronger than ever I tell you it was a great read and listen. 
I have one quote.  I know only one!! 

“Love always finds away baby.”

Reviewed By : Pam N.