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Book Tour & Giveaway : Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris

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Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris is NOW LIVE!

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There are two men in my life. I’m marrying one, want to screw the brains out of another, and by the time this story is over you may want to kill someone.

The choices are still pending...

A NO CHEATING standalone you need to read sitting down.

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“Harlow, Harlow,” he murmurs in reverence, as if my previous profession of love has brought him to his knees.
He takes my hand and brings it to his lips. His gentle kisses make me drift to a memory from a couple hours ago when Sin’s lips brushed over my knuckles. I felt everything then. My senses hummed. Now, I feel nothing.
I try to ease my hand from his, but his grip holds me in place. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to hear you say these words?” He places another kiss on my hand. “I forgive you for tonight.”
I do need his forgiveness, because his lips aren’t the ones I want on me. The ones I want belong to the man driving the car behind us. The fact that he’s James’ nephew makes me feel even more ashamed. What is wrong with me?
“You say you love me, but I need you to show me your love. Erase what I saw.” He releases my hand and I can guess what he wants: sex. It’s how he communicates.
“Unzip your dress and remove your bra,” he instructs, his voice rough.
I don’t want to upset him more, so I work myself out of my dress and bra. The air conditioning blows across my bare breasts and my nipples harden. I’m tempted to cover them with my hands, but he wouldn’t approve, so they stay at my sides.
Eyeing my exposed body, he licks his lips, pleased with what he sees. He reaches over to touch the side of my breast, cupping it with his hand. His thumb finds my nipple and strokes over it, pinching it hard. I inhale a sharp breath at the assaulting sensation.
“You’re utter perfection. Feel how hard you make me.” His fingers leave my breast and grip my hand. Placing my hand over his bulging erection and curling my fingers around him, I close my eyes.
“Now, unzip my pants and put me in your hot mouth.”

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About the Author:
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Liv Morris
USA Today bestselling author, Liv Morris, was raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. She now resides on the rock known as St. Croix, USVI with her first and hopefully last husband. After relocating twelve times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she's planted, Liv brings her moving and life experience to her writing.




Having not read much by Liv Morris and not really getting much from the blurb about the book I wasn’t really sure what to expect but was thrilled with that I got. However it’s a well-deserved 4 stars for a book that hooks you right from the beginning.

From only a few paragraphs in Harlow is faced with a tragedy that anyone would struggle to cope with. Having a loved one die in your arms is something anyone would find extremely difficult to deal with but it is exactly what happens to Harlow.

The book jumps forward a bit and we are shown a shell of a person really that clings to the kindness dealt to her at the hands of a handsome doctor who she met the night her world collapsed. As a reader you are instantly you are on alert as to why she is with him and what kind of person he is as things between them seem a little to forced and convenient for him. James and Harlow are due to be married in a number of weeks but you get a sense of how numb she is and you can’t help but feel for her. After what happened James who is a number of years older than Harlow who is in her early twenties took her in and has done so much to help her but still while reading it you can’t help but wonder his true motives or if he truly knows how she feels about him. He implies his ownership and possessiveness which piques your interest and you get a sense of where the story might be headed.

“I owe him my sanity.” “My feelings for him ran deep, even if they weren’t the right ones”

Things take a bit of a turn when James’ nephew Sinclair (Sin, yeah the name says it all) comes to stay while he does a clerkship at The Clinic (hospital) before he returns home to attend medical school. Going by his description Sin is everything his name implies or at least he was, before something in his life made him sit up and take stock of his life. He is keen to see who has captured his uncle’s heart and is struck by how beautiful Harlow is but also how he feels some kind of pull towards her. Watching and assessing what type of person Harlow is, Sin quickly comes to feel protectiveness towards her and when witnessing some odd behavior on his uncle’s part it only feeds into the urge to protect that is wrestling inside him.

Harlow has felt nothing since her mother passed but that changed the moment she saw Sin and she doesn’t know how to cope with it. James has done so much for her but she needs to make decisions on what to do with her life now and figure some things out about the wedding.

“His beauty makes my breathing cease. His actions make my heart stop. How can I ever repay him?” 

I don’t want to give too much away about the story and I feel that I’ll do just that if I say any more about any of the characters. The story is told in a dual point of view so you get a view of what is happening from more than just Harlow as you feel that she doesn’t quite grasp what has been happening around her (not surprising though as it can be really easy to submit control to someone else when bad things happen to us and we don’t want to deal with it). I will say that it is mentioned by a few people in the book about the feeling of needing to protect Harlow and as the reader you also feel that protectiveness as you read with a sense of dread of what might happen as things unfold. The story is really well written and you do get pulled into the story as it progresses, hoping that things work out for her. Harlow is a brilliant lead and you do feel and believe her innocence and as I said that brings out a need to defend and protect her. There are a few twists that you won’t see coming that definitely enhance the book and keep you engrossed right until the end.