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Review : After we Fall by Marquita Valentine


For me this was a great 4 star read. This is the third book in the Take the Fall series but can be read completely as a standalone novel as we really only get a glimpse of these characters in the previous novels.

This was quite a charming novel about someone trying to recover and learning to trust after escaping an abusive marriage. There are only a few details about the abuse that happened to Evangeline over the years and I think that is enough as I don’t really think it needs to go into specifics that much for you as a reader to understand what she has went through. Considering as the book begins 6 months after Evangeline has left her husband after he nearly killed her it is more of a story about life after her marriage and how she can or will move on from it.

Hunter Sloan is a cop that loves his job and what it means to him. Coming from the wrong side of town with not the best family environment growing up, joining the police force was truly an achievement that he feels saved him. He has only recently returned back to where he grew up and one night when out on patrol he spots a woman walking along the side of the road that needs help. Battered and bloodied Evangeline clings to Hunter when he stops to help her. Later he drops her off to stay at a women’s shelter and he doesn’t expect to see her again. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought about her though and he can’t quite understand why he thinks about her so much. Never in his wildest dreams did he think she would rent the vacant apartment across from him.

Coming face to face with Hunter again just might be too much for Evangeline as she has been doing her best to forget about that night that changed everything for her so being confronted by the man who saved her brings a whole range of emotions for her to cope with. Over time learning to deal with her fears and how to trust that not everyone is out to put her down or get at her is difficult and Hunter definitely makes it harder for her as he certainly won’t let her hide form the growing friendship and attraction that is happening between them.

‘“A woman needs a man to stand up for her instead of stepping on her.” Lowering my forehead to hers, I breathe in her intoxicating scent and admit what I refused to acknowledge all along. Until now. “I’m the man for the job. I’m the man for the long haul.”’

The attraction and relationship between Hunter and Evangeline is written beautifully. He is an understanding and considerate man that knows just how much to push her and no more and for Evangeline she is getting to feel what it is to be loved as an equal and not controlled. Of course things don’t go easily and it wouldn’t be worth reading if they did really. However this is a sweet emotional story of hurt, hope and healing but also with some passion and love. It isn’t that long of a read especially if like me when you start you don’t put it down until the end but I really enjoyed the time I spent within their world.

Reviewed by : Louise G