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Review : Deal Breaker by Whitney D.


Firstly this was the first book I have read by Whitney D. and I would have to give this particular book 3.5 stars as I did enjoy it but didn’t love it unfortunately. Deal breaker is the story of Emery Evans and Sebastian Holt as they are brought back together for a second chance at love.

The book begins when Emery is only fifteen and she tags along with her friend Sophie to the cinema as Sophie starts her new job. It is here that she first talks to Sebastian and they start getting to know each other. Sebastian is two years older the Emery but that is of little consequence in the story. Emery and Sebastian are drawn together in a kind of insta-love that they are unable and unwilling to stop.

Things between Emery and Sebastian are going extremely well and they are the epitome of young love. They are always together and each feel so strongly for the other but this comes to a screeching halt at the first sign of difficulty. Emery is banned from seeing Sebastian and when he finds out he doesn’t fight for her.

As the story fast forwards twelve years and both Emery and Sebastian have moved on and are both dealing with difficulties in their respective lives. However, as soon as they come together again things escalate at a pace that is like there had been no time lost between the two of them at all. The sex between them is wild and hot and their bodies certainly haven’t forgotten to react to the others touch. Love and lives are never that straight forward though and there are still a few surprises and consequences to be dealt with.

I did enjoy this book as a quick read but that was all as I didn’t feel that I really connected with the characters in the book. The story reads as a narrative from Emery on what has happened and is happening in her life but I just didn’t feel like that worked for me at times as I felt distanced from her. I thought that Emery and Sebastian did click well together but the rate in which they connected after twelve years without much said between them was a bit frustrating and rushed. There were lots of parts that I felt could have been expanded on and that might have had me investing more feeling into the book. That being said it was written well and was easy to get through and because of that I will look at a few of Whitney D.’s other books and give them a try.