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Review : Debauched by Jennifer Dawson


You will want to add this to your TBR list. It's a great story where we get to see more of what a Dominant/Submissive relationship really entails and the real functions of it. It's very sensual, captivating and provocative yet not pushy. The love scenes although HOT are not uncomfortable they are clean and very Erotic. This is a story about finding and accepting yourself and pushing away all negative thought that society see as Taboo.

Ruby has always loved the bad boys. Living her life like a college girl. Unsure of herself her fears allow her to hide her secret.

Chad is a handsome, hot, sexy IT guy. He is all manners, gentleman and responsible. But behind that there is a strong dominant man.

One night in a moment of sheer madness she confessed her secrets to him. He is not the man she wants but he just might be the man she needs. 

Chad has no time for complicated but after she breaks down and confesses her secret he can't stop thinking about her.

Usually we read how a couple falls heads over heels in just one night. But I loved how here we see their relationship grow over time. He wants to help and guide her come to accept what he already knows.

But Ruby is a ministers daughter and has always been a feminist and refuses to be dominated. She refuses to even contemplate the lifestyle and wants nothing to do with it.

Their relationship is sweet and loved how patient and caring was with her.

4 Stars because although I really enjoyed it it seems some of it was just so repetitive.